ThermoRelief XL Moist Heat Pad Digital Elec Pad King 26 x14


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King Size 26 x14 with automatic shut off switch * This high-quality medical grade heater pad is now available for public use * Patient-friendly the moist heat you’ll get from this heat pad is most commonly prescribed by physical therapists chiropractors and doctors * You can now have that care in the convenience of your own home * Moist heat can gradually help relax muscle spasms to relieve pain and restore general flexibility in the muscles * It can also help relieve chronic low back pain arthritis rheumatic conditions menstrual cramps and pain from back or disc injuries * When heated the soft flannel covering of this hot pad draws in moisture and humidity from the air and retains it then transfers it to your skin through a process called fomentation * The state-of-the-art digital controller on this heating pad allows you to adjust the temperature to 113 130 150 or 167 degrees and set auto shutoff time control at 15 30 45 and 60-minute intervals all depending on your needs * HCPCS Code : E0215 *

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